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Heritage students have the opportunity to participate in many activities that are beneficial academically, socially, and spiritually

Choral Program

Sings Praises to the Lord

Students in seventh thru twelfth grades have the opportunity to audition for the school chorus and receive elective credit. Music class gives students a break from the rigors of other academic subjects.  It also offers young people an appreciation of a variety of music.  


Chorus members also enjoy singing publicly at events such as seasonal concerts, community celebrations, chapel services, music festivals, and graduation.  Above all, students are challenged to sing from their hearts in praise to God.


Band Program

A Musical Journey That Is Educational & Rewarding

Beginning in the fourth grade students have the opportunity to learn to play various instruments including percussion, brass and woodwinds. 


The band performs several times during the year for Chapel services, parent-teacher meetings, and holidays.

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